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Answered By: Julie LaDell-Thomas
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016     Views: 123

First, you will want to locate the SIC classifcation code for your particular industry.  You can use the link below to look up the SIC code.

Once you have the SIC code, you can search the MergentOnline database by SIC and total revenue.  The definition of a "mid-cap" company may vary from industry to industry, but the following guidelines may be helpful:

Large Cap (big company): Over $10 billion

Mid Cap (medium-size company): Between $2 billion and $10 billion

Small Cap (small company): Below $2 billion


Please use the link below to access the MergentOnline database ADVANCED search (log-in required). 

  1. Under the Financials tab, click "Total Revenue" twice to add search filters.  In the first, put your "Greater Than" amount.  In the second, put your "Less Than" amount.
  2. Under the Industry Codes tab, click on either "Any NAIC" or "Any "SIC" and enter the code of the industry you're searching.
  3. Use the "Submit" button to search.

    TIP:  To search within a range of figures, combine a search for a $ amount greater than your lowest figure, and less than your highest figure.

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